The Institute of Energy Studies and Research (IESR) was established in 1957 with the aim of developing technical and supervisory skills to the then East African Power and Lighting Company employees. Initially, training was concentrated in power line distribution and later on expanded to include electrical fitters, plant operators, motor vehicle mechanics electricians and electronic mechanics. To date, these courses are still conducted to meet the training needs of Kenya Power staff and other corporate organizations. Most employees in the Electrical Energy Sub Sector in Kenya were either trained or did their internship at this Institute.

In the year 2000 due to the growing demand, the Institute opened its doors to the public. Currently the Institute offers capacity building courses, artisan, craft and diploma programs. The Institute is expected to occupy a niche market position in energy education, research and innovation.  

IESR is registered as a Technical Industrial and Vocational Education Institution in Kenya under the TVET Act 2013 and also an Industrial Training Institution under the Industrial Training Act Cap 237 of 2011.  
Nationally, the IESR is expected to support Kenya’s development agenda as guided by the Vision 2030 which seeks to transform Kenya into a newly industrialized, middle income economy providing a high quality of life to all citizens in a clean and secure environment. In the year 2014, the Regional Heads of State designated the Institute as the regional centreof excellence for capacity building in power generation, transmission and interconnectivity for the Northern Corridor Integration Projects (NCIP). The Institute will serve the wider energy sector covering all the players including those dealing with renewable energies such as wind, solar, geothermal among others.


The Institute is a leader in Energy Training and has vast facilities that are useful for Industrial Based Training, attachment, research and innovation. In view of this JKUAT proposes to leverage on the strength of IESR and offer Electrical Engineering degree and post graduate programs at the Institute

Vision, Mission and Core Values

The vision, mission and core values for the institution are stated as follows:

  • Vision:    To be an energy centre of excellence in education, research and innovation
  • Mission:    To provide world-class energy education, research and innovation using cutting edge scientific technology.

Core Values:
Client Satisfaction, Service Excellence, Integrity and Professionalism, Teamwork, Creativity and Innovation, Sustainable Development and Gender Equity

Objectives and Strategies

The overarching goal in this strategic plan is the transformation of the Kenya Power training school into a modern centre of excellence to support Vision 2030 and beyond. This goal is premised on five strategic themes, which are: capacity building; quality assurance and standards; product diversification; networking, partnership and linkages; and institution culture and public image.